Naming and branding, app design development, UX/UI, website and communications.


There was no single app for those of us who love design and are inspired by what we see around us every day and want to share it. So we decided to build one ourselves as an extension of our practice and how we work. dsgnfix is a free search and discovery  app that serves up the best experiences the design world has to offer. User-generated content and curated lists from leading voices in the design world showcase architecture, art, environments, objects and shops.


Everything. The concept, strategy, naming, branding, app design, UX and UI, website, communications, as well as social outreach and partnerships. Currently in the app store, dsgnfix has a roster of influential curators and ambassadors in the NYC design community from Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky) to Billie Tsien and Tod Williams and Matteo Bologna of MUCA, and we’ve built an engaged community of users that are contributing to and using our app every day. check out the website.