Branding, visual style, icon set


FirstMet is the new name of AYI — the enormously successful Facebook dating app. They had several challenges, a name that was way too long, an acronym that didn't translate internationally, and a brand identity that didn't have a strong compelling story needed to grow and compete in today's crowded dating app market.


We were asked to visualize their new strategy and develop an identity that amplified and supported their new name: FirstMet. They also wanted to retain equity from their existing brand (a heart icon and colorways) to not alienate current users. The name itself told a very strong story, about the excitement you feel when you first meet that someone. They needed an identity that talked about connections and the unfolding of that relationship, was simple, easy, genuine, and expressed how easy and simple and low key their process is.

Our solution: a unique and memorable heart logo built from two simple parts that come together to make a connection and the unfolding of that story. It stands out in a competitive set filled with heart icons. It's familiar and approachable yet distinctive in the category and delivers on their strong brand story. Tell us how you ‘FirstMet’!

“The logo clearly articulates that moment where you meet someone — and most important — it’s very simple and easy to understand”