Branding, house style system, brand architecture, guidelines, print system


LCH is a UK multi-asset class clearing house, that is, the ‘traffic controllers’ of the financial world. Perceived as a conservative and trusted necessity in the marketplace, LCH needed to rebrand to express what they really are: The international market’s most visionary partner.


Partnering with 8pt Studio and UK typographer, Sinead Madden, we refined the core signature monogram and tagline, helped develop a practical brand architecture and then crafted a visual style that differentiated in the market, simplified complex strategies and products with a warm, streamlined graphic approach retaining an overall classic visual impression needed to complete in today’s fierce financial marketplace.


Boring? No, essential.


Months of hard work, late nights and long client calls could end up wasted if the guidelines (or system for that matter) is either too complex or not explained simply enough and it breaks down over time. A brand system should not be too rigid or too loose. We found this balance of flexibility and rules in the LCH guidelines. It’s simple, it is designed to be an example of the brand system and provided enough guidance to ensure consistency but left enough decisions not be tedious to work with.